Need Help forcing Frozen Ignition Designer to quit

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Any tips on the following will be greatly appreciated:
Currently running Ignition 7.9.4 In the designer mode. The Gateway project & designer instance are on the same server and the designer instance has become frozen up. Right clicking on the Windows task bar icon for the designer has no result when I select the “Close Window” option. This installation is a live Windows 2012 server with a live Ignition gateway. The gateway was restarted, to no avail. I prefer to avoid rebooting the server computer unless there is no other option. What I am trying to figure out, is from the Windows Server Task Manager, what process or service would I stop to only kill the designer and not the running project??? Could not locate the answer in the Help Files, Thanks in advance…

If you’re using java web start, then the client application should show up as ‘Java Web Launcher’ or ‘jp2launcher.exe’; if you’re using the native client launcher then it will still be ‘java.exe’ but the command line information should differentiate things. Compare the following screenshots (windows 10, but the UI should be basically the same)

Compare this with the actual gateway service, which will have your ignition.conf arguments in the ‘Command Line’ field:

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That was what I was looking for! Thank you

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