Need help importing a custom font into Perspective

I’m working on an Ignition project and I’d like to import a custom font(Poppins) into a style class and use them throughout the application. There was a question in 2019 on “how to embed fonts” but none of those methods seem to work for me.
What I have tried:

  1. I have installed the all the fonts onto my local device and placed them in C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\data\modules\com.inductiveautomation.perspective\fonts as a folder.
  2. Next, I added this code into light.css and I even triedfonts/light/fonts.css but to no avail.
    font-family: "Poppins";
    src: url("/data/perspective/fonts/Poppins/Poppins-Regular.ttf"); 
  1. After that I already restarted Designer but I still couldn’t see my new font in the options while creating a new style.
    Any assistance on this would be very appreciated, thanks!