Need help with finding which UDT is active

I have 30 different "machines" that all have a UDT tag (Labeled 1-30). In this tag there is a spot that tells you what alarm is active. If it is anything other than zero, there is an alarm. I want to create a transaction group that takes the one most recent alarm and make a new row every time with the alarm name (based on the value) and the machine number (1-30). In order to do this, I realize I need a "trigger" tag telling me which machine number has the newest alarm so I can pull that alarm name. What is the best way of accomplishing this? I just need a tag that checks all 30 machines UDTs tag named "alarm" and then have that tag display the most recent alarm. I figured indirect tag would be the best way but how do I get an indirect tag into the tag browser/transaction groups? Let me know if this doesn't make any sense and I can try to explain.

You could just put this script into the alarm tag's on value change event handler script, and use this to write into the table. No need to use the transaction group. It then also becomes subscribed instead of polled. Remember to exclude the initialChange