Need Ideas on how to get this done

I’m using 7.9.10 - I do have SQL Database.

I would like to have the option of clicking a button and some type of a spreadsheet pop up that would allow the user to jot down parts that was used for a repair, a description of the problem and a written solution, I want all this stored so that I can query by dates, location names, etc.

Can anybody recommend anything?

Check out the Editable Table in:

Setup your table with datatypes long enough (E.g. Varchar (500)) to take text

Only allow the current user logged in to edit their own Notes

Alternatively just create a script to grab lines of text and add to rows of DB

Part of the IA tests is this “notes function”

What SQL (Microsoft, My, Maria, etc) are you using?

Ok, I do only want the user who created the note to be able to edit only:

And as Administrator I want to be able to edit/delete.

I and using Microsoft.

I downloaded the file which is “Editable Table.vwin”

What do I do with this file?

Open designer, go to your main windows folder, right click and import, select the file you downloaded

Create a table in SQL (use management studio, drill down database/tables-> right click new table)

Go back to designer and follow the notes on the left of the table

Thanks, now this will allow me to add(insert) new records(rows) Right?

Yeah it comes preset with a button to add new rows… delete a row… refresh the data…

I would just be creating this as a form in a popup with inputs for the data you want to collect. Then when the user presses OK or submit, you would write the fields into the sql table directly with an insert statement. To view them, create a template and use the template repeater to query the table and show the results. Entering this type of data into a spreadsheet is OK, but it’s not a great feel or aesthetic, especially when you are looking for so much detail.