Need PDF ActiveX Plugin

I want to show existing PDF reports in Ignition, but it won’t show xls or landscape formats as is already documented in the forum.

I want to try the Active X Plugin “ActiveXPlugin-1[1].0.2.fplg” but when I go to I get “Error 404 - Page Not Found”.

Is the plugin still available? Is there a newer URL?

Ken P.

Yes, the plugin still exists. It is under the downloads section:

I downloaded the fplg file, but I cannot find anywhere to install it. The gateway web page (screen shot attached) shows module managment, but this does not work for this file type. When I go to the programs menu and run gateway control utility a DOS window flashes by and terminates. How do I fix this behavior?

Gateway Web page screen shot attached

When I launch-gcu.bat from a DOS prompt I get the attached errors. I have never missed the gcu before because I have been able to use the gateway web page. I suspect I may need GCU to get this plugin installed. Ignition 7.2.9. I have actually seen this GCU behavior on 2 installations.
Server 2008 on VMWare, but I don’t think Ignition cares about the OS. Runs great, I just can’t access the GCU.

It looks like you downloaded the plugin for Factory PMI instead of the module for Ignition. You can get the Active X plugin for ignition from the Downloads page under the Individual Modules section. It looks like you’re running 7.2.9 so make sure you select the Archived Downloads link on the top left of the downloads page and then select 7.2.9 as the version you wish to download. You then install the module via the Modules page that is found in the gateway configuration section.

As for the gcu not launching, open a cmd prompt by right clicking on the command prompt icon in the start menu and then choosing ‘Run as Administrator…’ then navigate to the ignition install directory and try launching the .bat file again.