Need some help/advice on alarming

So we have alarming that can be acknowledged by the main operator or an administrator. We want to take a select few tags to be set to the main alarm page and make a new alarm page for a sub-operator to e able to clear these few alarms. or add another acknowledged to the main alarm screen that will only clear these few alarms. So if the sub-operator Ack. the select alarms they clear for both or if the main operator clears it also clears them alarms and of course the other alarms. Is there a way to do this. Thank you in advance for the help.

Note: Ignition Version is 7.5.11

Hmm. There’s no online docs for v7.5 and I haven’t run one (with local docs) in ages.

Since v7.8 per the docs, there are script functions that can acknowledge specific alarms. That could be used in a script that looks at the current list of active alarms and acknowledges just the ones that meet your subset criteria.

Look for something similar in your v7.5 docs.

I think 7.5 might be old enough it’s got “alerts”, not alarming. All bets are off.

That is correct, it is alerting in 7.5. Any dance around you could think of.

If you download a zip installer for 7.5.X, you can get the ‘User Manual Module’ that it includes. The manual module can be opened by an archive utility, then the help.jar file can be opened again by an archive utility, and then you can browse the doc folder contained therein. I’d upload it here directly, but it’s too big for our forum software to allow.

Here’s the two most relevant system.alert system functions - that may be enough to be helpful. (6.0 KB)