Need some help of recreating HMI in perspective

For reference I add a link to an example of what I have to recreate in perspective. Until now I can’t figure it out to to get the same result in perspective. I try to play with x,y of a shape and manipulate it from script on gateway but the result is laggy and not continues.
This example is very close of what I had to recreate. My main objective is for the speed and fluency of animations. what method and technic I should use to mimic the moving arrow effect?

I would probably do this using SVGs for the images and CSS Animations.

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Hi thanks for replay.
But I don’t have any clue to make CC’s animations in perspective.
Do you have any simple example of using ccs in perspective?

I’ve not got an example to hand, but I think you will need to put the CSS within the Global CSS properties for Perspective.

This is a good site to start to understand them, and to try out different things: