Need some help with Parameterized Perspective Pop-up

I’ve watched the University videos on this & they are helpful but what I’m trying to do isn’t described. I’d like to embed my parameter into the tag name like this;


Unfortunately the above syntax doesn’t work. Need some help! Anyone have any ideas?

Where/how are you using that tag path?

Without much info, it sounds like you might just need an indirect tag binding?

As I’m waiting, I’ve discovered using the ‘indirect’ binding. I have status now working but cannot figure out how to write to the indirect tag using the ‘expression’ option.

If you want to write to the tag that you just created the binding for, you won’t need an expression. Just set the Bidirectional Option to true. This will update the tag if changed from the view, and vice versa. Is this what you are wanting?


Most likely you will use tag() when using in an expression, but I think most would agree using custom properties is the better approach.

Thanks a bunch… This seems like a constant gotcha while I’m getting familiar with the software. Hopefully I will commit this to memory! =D

Anytime you use tag(), question yourself.

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