Need some ideas on best way to handle - Transaction Group Triggers

This is what I would like to achieve, but I can’t figure out HOW?

I want to record this tag value (InjPressure) every 30 minutes but only when this tag value(pumprunning) is high(1).

Can someone please give me some pointers?


  1. Drag the pumprunning tag into the transaction group (I’m assuming you’re using either a Historical Group or a Standard Group here).
  2. Set the group to use a Trigger (enabling the “Execute this group on a trigger” option)
  3. Set the Trigger Condition as “is !=0 (or true)”
  4. Set the group to run every 30 minutes (back under the Action tab)
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I thank you so much, I’ve got a lot to learn, but you and the people on this forum have been GREAT help.