Need tips on settings for a low bandwidth multi-gateway setup

Does anyone have any experience of how to “tune” the system in order to make a minimal footprint on the network.

I am thinking in terms of Edge installations on 5G modems. Gateway network, with sync enabled.

Are there any other settings that can be used except the ping intervall that might help?

The following I have allready done:

  • Disabled SSL (Allready using IPSec modems)
  • Sync Services in the gateway web config.
  • Sampling time

I will come back with some statistics on MB/h with different sets of tags sampling/tracing rates and configurations. I hope that this can be valuable information for someone else.

Is using Gateway Network between the nodes absolutely necessary?

Maybe not? Thought I needed it in order to make the Edge sync services work?

Yes, but if all you needed were realtime (or maybe historical too, not sure) values then using MQTT would be much better for bandwidth.

If you need any of the other services offered by GAN or remote providers etc… then yes it’s necessary.

I am actually only using it for alarm sync. As i have my tags moved with MQTT-transmitter.

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Okay, sounds like you do need it then. Curious to see what your bandwidth measurements show.

Im curious myself. But the tests might not be as general as I would like. Due to IPsec and docker overlay network.

Will post some results next week