Need to Connect ignition with Pressco

I want to connect ignition with Pressco. Software used by pressco is OPC server for intellispec. Any one has done it before?

Hello Irfan,

From what I have found, Pressco Intellispec uses OPC-DA as a means of communication to clients. Ignition does have a classic OPC COM/DA driver that can be used in this scenario. Our user manual has more information and connection instructions at the following link (OPC COM - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation).

Pressco updated some of our older systems which still run Windows 7 to OPC/UA. Contact them, they maybe able to help you out.


As Shane mentioned, pressco have the OPC-UA offering but it might cost, contact pressco. We've had some issues with the intial/trial release of the software on the older gen intellispec camera systems but the new version is stable.