Need to create a tag in Hexadecimal

I have a modbus device that contains 12 tags according to the diagnistics of the device. The addressing are in Hexadecimal that are working on Kepware. We are trying to put this in Ignition but the address is H417FF and the limit is 0-65535 which my value is out of range 267000 something like that. How do we configure the address of this device?

Try omitting the leading “4”.

I tried that and still add to convert the remaining 4 char from Hex to Dec which is a valid number. Used the radix 16, not sure exactly what is the radix (is this for adress or the number of tags).

Any news on how to read a modbus device that has its addresses in Hexadecimal which is out of range of the 65535?

Generally, in modbus, the leading “4” is a type indicator, not really part of the address. Without the “4”, your hexadecimal address is well within the 16-bit range. Please identify the device and/or share the datasheet with the addresses of interest.

Tag Name Address

So these would be in Ignition, per the manual:

  • INV_AC_POW = HR6143
  • INV_PPT_MAX = HR64004
  • INV_PV_POW = HR6146
  • INV_PV_VOLT = HR6144
  • INV_STATE = HR6148

Some devices might need zero-based addressing instead of one-based addressing, in Ignition’s device setup.

Tried two tags with two devices, the flag Zero based is different with each other, no results

Sounds like you need support looking over your shoulder, or perhaps collecting network traffic to compare Kepware vs. Ignition.

Working remote for these plants is not easy to implement a sniffer.
Just checked the invoices for my last 4 licences and yep, we have full phone support.
Thought I used the forum first.

Somehow, it actually work with the software Modbus Poll.
I have setup one tag with the right address : 6143 and it returns a valid value.

However, still unable to set that up into Ignition.
Called support, I should have a call back within 10-15 minutes.

So gfot to support and the tag is actually : 1.HR6143
So that works now.

Thanks everyone.