Need to determine Autolog Username

I have a customer request to logout once an inactivity timer is breached. This Vision project is configured with an auto login to a View Only account. I want to bypass the auto logout if the auto login user is already logged in.
In this instance the auto login user is set after deployment. How can I access the name of the auto login user that has been set in the project? Is this an exposed property? I found a single reference on the forum to “autolog-user”, but have not been successful pulling data from the property.
Example: autouser = system.util.getProperty(“project.autolog-user”)

Could you use the tag System >Client>User> Username, and then check if that user is the one configured to auto login and disable the timeout?

Thank you for the response. My understanding is that I can get the username there, but I do not have a way to determine what the customer has setup as the Auto Login user. They are going to populate this field with an AD user at deployment. Ideally, I would be able to pull the user they have setup as the auto login user and match them like you have suggested. So, we are halfway there.

I don’t think you can do this, you might consider a different approach.
This post has an alternate way of doing what i think you want.

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