Need to disable screen resizing & get a vertical scroll bar

Okay, I have a set of docked screens for our application, on the top and left. These control navigation and serve as a title bar.
In addition, we are swapping through a whole bunch of floating screens for our actual displays.
Now, scaling is fine for all of these screens, but I now need to add a screen where I want a vertical scroll bar because we have a long list of data we want to show, but the customer doesn’t want it in a table. According to navigation notes, if I use docking, and set the minimum size high, this should automatically give me a vertical scroll bar. However, when I deploy the screen, instead it shrinks everything on the screen, which is what I am trying to avoid.

I have tried swiching to a Docked-West and also a Docked-North; tried setting Resizeable to False, although that should only be a client/user thing.

Any thoughts? I am running version 7.7.4, although not sure if this matters.

Hi! Welcome to the forums!

Have you tried adjusting the Layout Constraints?

By default everything is in Relative mode, scaling fonts and maintaining Aspect ratio. Setting them to ‘Anchored’ should get you closer to what you are looking for.

That didn’t help at all. It did, however, screw up all of the floating windows such that I had to delete the new window and restart the applicatoion