Need to filter a DB Table with a session property

Hi everyone.

I have a table on a DB I need to traspose on an Ignition Table, but I need to filter it by just selecting the rows where the value of the "FullPlantName" column match the "SelectedPlant" session property.

Is there a way to make queries and session property interact somehow? Or is there any way I could work around it?

  1. In Project Properties set the default database to whichever one you want.
  2. Create a new Named Query (at the bottom of the Project Browser tree).
  3. Add a SelectedPlant parameter of appropriate type to the named query. Use this in your query using syntax :SelectedPlant.

The query should look something like,

FROM myDataBase
WHERE FullPlantName = :SelectedPlant
ORDER BY <name of field>
  1. Create a binding on the table's Select Query binding, select the named query and point the parameter at your session property.

Hi! sorry for my late answer. it Worked!! Thank you!