Need to get a PDF report to generate based on a trigger other than scheduled time

I've got a reporting module issue. I've got a client with a production testing policy that has inconsistent start and end times. Is there a way to have the report generator run on a trigger rather than at a specific time every day?

I've got all the data I need as OPC tags including the flag that signals the start or end of a test. If I can get it to just look at an item and run after that value turns to a 1 then that would be perfect, but the scheduling tab of the report builder seems to only work off of timestamps.

If it's impossible then I could just pull the needed data into a table, and have an event script export it as an excel file whenever I need. However I'd prefer to keep the more flexible formatting of exporting as a PDF.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

You can use to run the report in a tag change event. It's more manual than the Scheduling tab, but you get more flexibility.

You can use a tag change script that generates the report -- check out system.reporting in the docs.