Need to install version 8.1.17 Windows64 Installer

I will be using Vision Client Launcher but need this specific version of the Ignition program. Where can I find this earlier version on the website?

Use the version archive tab in the dowloads section. But note that the Vision Client Launcher is explicitly designed to be backwards compatible, as its job is just to obtain the required code from the gateway it is pointed at and hand off to that code.

If you are pointing at an existing gateway, and you already have a newer Vision Client Launcher (same with the Designer Launcher), you can just point at the target gateway. You only need the full installer to install a gateway.

I am using MS Edge on an Advantech HMI, the dropdown menu doesn't work and is grayed out. I am able to select this version using Chrome on a laptop. Having some difficulty installing Chrome on this HMI running Windows. If there is an MS Edge workaround to get the dropdown menu working that would be great.

Download from some other laptop/workstation and copy the installer file over. :man_shrugging:

{ I don't deploy Windows-based hardware because of foolishness like this. Sorry. }

Yes, our first thought, but we are under IT rules and need Admin rights to even move the file. The info about the backwards compatibility is helpful thank you.

Sounds like you should have your IT department send someone to do this for you.

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