Need to know the queries running behind inbuilt functions(calculative pen) in Ignition for cyclic , min and max calculations

Need to know the logic behind the calculative pen functions with aggregate modes like
1)closest value
2)Minimum and maximum
4)Time weighted average
5)Simple average
8)standard deviation

Need to know the SQL query running behind this aggregation modes based on sampling size

Ignition’s tag historian does those calculations in java, not SQL. The SQL is complicated to support Ignition’s partitioning system and is considered an implementation detail. You really should not be trying to do this. If you must, good luck.

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Thank you for your reply Pturmel. I know it is difficult to implement this but I need to do for sure for one of our main development works. If I get any help on this part it would be great. Irrespective of the language logic is written, to fetch data from database retrieval query is much needed. If I get to know that I can do my integration in database.