Need to send data scada ignition to another scada using OPC....?

Hi every one,
how to configure opc ua of ignition to send data another SCADA.
I need to read some values of ignition using opc client. How to do that?

You need to configure an OPC UA connection from the other SCADA to Ignition’s OPC UA server.

If you’re on 7.9 then the endpoint address for Ignition’s server will be something like opc.tcp:// (figure out the actual IP of the Ignition server). You may have to configure the server to bind to the publicly accessible IP address before the other client can connect, if it’s not already configured that way.

I use OPC CLIENT to see the data on localhost, but I can´t see the OPC UA of ignition. Could you give some details how to configure that

What client are you using? What have you tried so far?

Hi Kevin, I need to read the data of Ignition OPC UA on PI SYSTEMS, I use el OPC Client de osisoft

This seems like a good place to start:

Normally, I have the service of OPC on services, now I can´t see the service.

Ignition’s OPC server is OPC UA, not OPC Classic/DCOM, you won’t find it automatically registered there.

You have to use the endpoint URL and add it manually some how. Read the client documentation I linked to.