Need to update certain tags based on the value change of one tag

Hi, I have a UDT of 5 pumps, they have the same named 10 tags each, I need to store the other 9 tags for each of those 5 pumps on the basis of a change of one tag(same for all pumps) for each pump. I need to store it in my SQL DB in the same table as the change event tag refreshes for each pump. Can someone help regarding the same? I am very new to ignition and need some catching up, kindly request elaborate a bit while writing your answers, please…

Start by reading up on Understanding Transaction Groups - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation and watching the video tutorial linked on that page.

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I don’t have the transaction groups module in my designer launcher as of now.
Can we achieve the same with scripting? As in, on the value change of that can I do something with scripting to store them?

OK. Try Gateway Event Scripts - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation.
Look at the tag change events in particular. Then you can add a script to that event. The events will run on the gateway even if no clients are open.

Specifically, look at
system.tag.readBlocking to read your tag values. Note you can use relative referencing in tag change scripts if your tags to read are relative to your trigger tag with system.tag.readBlocking(["[.]../folder 2/tag"])
system.db.runPrepUpdate or runNamedQuery to then write the values into a sql table. You can also use this to create the table if it doesn’t exist as well