Nested Perspective Column Containers: Inner Component Response Backwards

I’m using a Column Container inside (embedded view) a Column Container, and the inner container responds backward to what is expected due to the breakpoints. Since the inner container is configured to be smaller in size for a large view, it displays as though it was on a small view. Subsequently, the opposite is true on a small view, since the inner component is set to take up more columns in the small view, it thinks it’s in a large view.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to reverse it only when it’s embedded within another Column Container? I could simply arrange the objects opposite to what is desired, but then if it’s not within another Column Container, it would appear incorrect.

I dont think this is going to do what you want. It is not reversed.
You using more columns in the “small” outer container just makes it bigger for the inner one, but if you keep going smaller it will eventually also go below the inner components breakpoints.

Yeah, I figured that was probably not going to be the best way to accomplish what I wanted to do, so I changed the inside container to a flex container. It’s working the way I need it now.

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