Nested UDT error

I am getting error as shown in the image. Here is the setup.

  1. Parent udt contains 3 child udts. and 2 parameters.
  2. Each child udt has 2 or 3 parameters.
  3. Some child udt has memory, expression and OPC tags.

am I doing something wrong with this setup?

Nothing wrong with the setup.

For the child UDTs, yes they can have their own parameters. You set those parameters by drilling down to them in the tag instance and setting them there.

The error is probably because of the tag configuration. Are those OPC tags?

everything under _edge_PLC are OPC and everything under current are loopup from datasource.

For the OPC tags... you will need to investigate your OPC address and make sure that you are setting them correctly via the parameters.

Same with the expression tags.

Once you have created the tag instance, check the individual tag diagnostics to see what is going on.

In the outer definition, provide parameters that can be used to compute or pass through values to the nested UDTs. Use bindings at the nested parameter to reference the outer parameter. Then, when making instances of the outer UDT, the nested UDTs will get appropriate parameter values.

For least confusion, avoid using identical parameter names across many UDTs. Consider using the UDT names as parameter name prefixes.

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