Nested UDT parameter passing BUG

Hello, i have found a bug where parameter passing other parameters in the base datatype results in null/issues but when the same parameter is passed in manually it works

Broken step 1) - structure layout

Broken step 2) - pre-filled out parameters

Broken step 3) - blank UDT instance created

Broken step 4) - blank UDT parameters filled in

Broken step 5) -expanding alarm parameters shows null/bad values

Working step 1) -deleted prefilled parameter values

Working step 2) -Same as broken step 3/4

Working step 3) - Filling out parameters manually on the instance versus the definition

Working step 4) Green light confirms overwridden

Working step 5) Overwritten variables worked

General picture - parameters im sending into the alarm UDTs are found on the base UDT object

Semi-working step 1) - In the new instance creation window, if i prefill the parameters versus after i make the tag

Semi-working step 2) - The values fill out properly however the alarm message doesnt link right

Semi-working step 3) - The Label is the ALARM_MESSAGE and is basically treated as null which is why Alarm is displayed (name of the alarm)

Semi-working step 4) - This is the alarms configuration

General - At the moment, it appears the only way to get it working properly is to make a blank UDT and fill in the parameters after creation, because the semi-working only gets the address and PLC part right, but the alarm message for some reason returns null, but its not ideal due to manual work versus the parameters being properly passed through

also here are my ignition versions

We’ve addressed a number of issues related to UDT Parameters recently. Upgrading to 8.0.15 should fix what you were seeing.

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