Nested UDT parameters

Hi, looking for a method how to provide data to my udt "Carton placement left" used as an example , I need a smart way to provide the values from the tags outside the udt all marked with arrows as they exists outside the udt. I will have some Systems (defined by the OPC Server) with several different formats each with a number of inspections.

Any good solution to this,

For that structure, I think your only option is to script it. UDT parameters cannot bind to anything outside the UDT. But they can be written by script.

Thanks, I feared that was the answer, thats why I had already created the parameters in the UDT itself

I don't know if it will help your situation, but I have a couple of UDTs where we use memory tags to store the string address to an OPC tag.
When the value is needed, we use system.opc.readValue(s) to go get the values from the PLC.
It lets us use one UDT for PLCs with values in different addresses and is especially helpful with different brands of PLCs in the mix; the scripts don't need to be specialized by brand or model.