Nested UDT's And Using Them In a Template Repeater

I'm wondering if it is even possible to do what I'm wanting to do. I have a complex UDT that has many nested UDT's. Normally on all my templates that make up the overall equipment template, I set the parent tag path and I indirectly bind the children components to the parent tag path.

Think of the equipment template as a general schematic for the main components of that equipment. I also have scripting that opens a pop up window that has alot of tabs with different information, more in depth to control the piece of equipment and all of its children components.

For most of the tabs I can use custom properties on the window or even the selected tab window where I can have various tag paths to set all that data to use as needed. There is one issue. Alarms. I have 120 different alarms I need to display. The pop up window is only allowed to be so big. It can fit roughly 10 different Alarm templates on it.

For this reason I'd rather not create 12 alarm tabs to show all the possible alarms that are on or off. I'd like to use a template repeater with a dataset. The dataset doesn't have any binding options.

I've read other posts that mention you can't do this because the dataset only accepts static values. My tag paths would change per window instance so I can't set my one window up to use for 100 different pieces of equipment like I have. I did also see a few posts that made it seem like it's possible by passing the tagPath in and indirect bind but I still don't see how you could set the dataset up correctly.

My parameters on the template are
tagPath (Template Parameter),
alarmName (Template Parameter),
strAlarmMsg (Template Parameter).

The internal properties are
acked (indirectly bound to the child tag with the tagPath preceeding),
ackReq (indirectly bound to the child tag with the tagPath preceeding),
alarmTagPath (expression {alarmTemplate.tagPath}+"/"+{alarmTemplate.alarmName}) inAlm (indirectly bound to alarmTagPath)

Can I even use a Template Repeater or do I need 12 different alarm tabs on my pop up? If I can, how can I set my custom template parameters and internal properties to do this? Thanks in advance!

Quick answer is yes, you can use a template repeater. The longer answer as to how will need to wait, but involves creating the repeater dataset via script run from a property change event, if that helps for now

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