.net Componet, and or Connector something?

What I would like to be able to do is to run the FactorySQL engine inside a .net app and receive/respond to events or something with my custom business objects that would be responsible for loading the DB.

I could would also like trigger events inside the app.

My guess on how this might be designed is that I point to a .dll with my business classes in it and then map tags to properties in a designer. when a trigger is fired you generate a new business class set the properties, call a interface methods and/or events like FSQL_DoProcessing and the class implementation is responsible for updating properties and returning a success or fail.

Something like this.


Hello, and thanks for your post. Unfortunately, as it is, FactorySQL is a standalone application, and there are not currently plans on changing this. That said, I have 2 observations/comments:

  1. The benefit of our database-centric system is that any application can interact with the data store. Perhaps you could simply interact with the database, going as far as to create action item triggers where necessary.

  2. The plugin system: we are very interested in expanding the number of ways an interested third party could interact/modify FactorySQL in the form of plugins. Currently, we have a basic API that allows you to expose functions to Action Items scripts. Perhaps you could encapsulate your business logic into a set of functions, and in combination with database interaction, accomplish your desired goal? The API provides a good deal of flexibility on how the referenced assemblies are accessed and objects instantiated. You could, for instance, create a plugin class that is set to instantiate only once on the server (a singleton). You could then have multiple groups passing data to this item through action item function calls, and other groups querying the item to either get data and/or determine trigger status.
    This may or may not be useful to you, but I just wanted to point out that capability.

Ultimately, we would like to expand the plugin system to allow users to create more tightly integrated objects, such as custom groups (including visual configuration elements), or items. Unfortunately, though, I can’t give you a solid timeframe for this, as demand for this type of functionality has been rather low.

Please feel free to followup/comment, we’re always happy to explore & discuss new ideas.


Colby Clegg
Inductive Automation

A plug-in model should work just fine.

I have not used your product yet, but I will as soon as time allows me to experiment I will. Then I might be able to comment more intelligently on how I think it should work.

No problem. When you get around to it, feel free to post again or contact me personally. I think it would be easier to discuss your end goal and then work backwards towards accomplishing it in FactorySQL.