.Net Controls Support within Ignition

I’m not sure what forum to post this in but have searched all and can’t find an answer. I am wondering if it is possible to run a .Net control within the Ignition Viewer. We are an Emerson LBP that has developed some advanced user programs for the Fisher flow computer that focus on gas & oil production. We are looking at developing .Net controls for visualization of the process that would run on any SCADA system. I am only sure of one SCADA system that supports .Net controls, Wonderware Archestra, but a lot of our customers are turning toward Ignition so we feel it is critical to build a solution that would run in that environment. I believe that ClearSCADA may also support .Net controls and that most vendors will implement it as Active-X goes away.

Does anyone know if this will work in Ignition? If so, a quick explanation of how to embed the control in the design environment would be helpful.

If anyone knows of other systems that support .Net controls please let me know. It would also help in our business case. I know this is an Ignition forum so I hope this doesn’t violate any rules.


No, Ignition won’t run .NET controls/components.