NET-ENI Connection

Recently we ran into network problems and had to isolate the corporate network from the EthernetIP I/O network. For PLC access then I added a NET-ENI module connected to the serial port. I’ve got it working, RsLinx recognizes it but OPC Device apparently does not (or something). On the status page it says ‘connected’ however when looking at the transaction groups I see ‘config error’. Do I need to modify my device setup or use a different driver?

kind of off topic, but the net eni is just a terrible product, so I wouldnt be surprised if it is the problem. you would be better served to use a digi one iap in the future. you can still go online with the plc thru rslinx using the digi also.

I’ve used it succesfully in the past. Granted, it’s not the best and it isn’t cheap but I have one so want to use it.

The “Config Error” quality usually means that your OPC item path is incorrect.

Also, +1 for not using Net-ENI. Years ago we burnt through major hours on a project trying to get around problems caused by the Net-ENI’s TCP stack simply failing and not working until it got restarted. Had to wire up a relay to reboot the stupid thing on loss of keep-alive timer.

I’ve seen this type of thing happen before. The ENI only supports only 3 or 4 tcp socket connections. The ENI is famous for not properly closing socket connections if not terminated properly. Carl is correct that the only way to free up the ports is a reboot. Normally once you get your application up and running the ENI is fairly reliable.

Good luck

How do the Digi One IAP’s work with Ignition? I’ve used them in the past with RsLinx and they worked OK.

If its any use I have rigged up a Moxa EIP 3270 and after initially not working (Inductive fixed problem in next Ignition release) it works OK with Ignition and RSLinx. We also had a NET-ENI here which locked up all the time.

Our local distributor is pushing a product from HMS called Anybus Communicator. Anyone tried it?

Digi IAPs work great over Modbus. Not sure about Ethernet/IP but I will give it a try in the near future.