Netbook IA Installation

I looked but have not found anything here on this so here goes…

I want to be able to have a simple, inexpensive method to bring to customers to sample FPMI & FSQL datalogging. I was thinking about getting one of the Netbooks and install FSQL, FPMI, and MYSQL (or MSSQL Express). I could then go to customer site, setup KepServer for their PLCs, and start logging and data viewing and leave at location for a couple of hours unattended.

Will IA software run on a minimal hardware config as a Netbook. I believe the max out at 1GB RAM and have a 1.6 Ghz processor.

Any thoughts?

This is a great idea, athough I think using a netbook is a little misguided. Those things can barely watch smooth Flash video - running KepServerEX, FactorySQL, MySQL, FactoryPMIGateway, and a FactoryPMI Client sounds like a bit of a stretch to me. My guess is that it would work, but would be pretty slow, which wouldn’t make for the best sales demonstration. I think a normal laptop would serve you better.


it was just a thought.

I am not a fan of leaving my laptop unattended.

Thanks for the thoughts…


Another option is to set up a demo at your office and expose it to the internet, but obviously this misses the benefit of hooking it up to their process, which I agree is a great strategy to get them interested.