Network Access Point Roaming - Device Issues


This is a bit of a long shot, but I am curious if anyone (most likely an integrator) has ever implemented usage of Ignition in conjunction with EBS 260 Handjet printers. ( We have implemented a project for barcoding incoming feedstock, and we are utilizing that barcode at different points throughout the WH and Production processes. HOWEVER, we have been running into an issue where the the printer is not able to successfully roam from Access Point (AP) to Access Point (within the same network, and with DNS working as it should to keep same IP and Domain Name on the printer). It says that it is connecting to the new Access Points, when in reality it is locking itself up on the old access point, so anything we are attempting to send to the printer (batch file being generated in a Perspective Mobile interface, and being sent through the network to a .txt file on the printer) cannot make it through. All of our other devices are able to hop from AP to AP without any issues at all, so it is really just these printers having the issue.

One example of a potential (and frowned upon by IT) idea was to utilize some devices that move with the printers that act as their own personal hotspot. This way the printers themselves get to stay on one AP (the hotspot), while this ‘hotspot’ device would be the one moving from AP to AP. I know next to nothing on this side of things, so I have no clue if this idea is actually possible or not since the printers have to be connected to the Network.

We are in communication with the engineers of the printer, but we have not been getting anywhere, so I figured I would post this here.

I do realize this basically has NOTHING to do with the capabilities of Ignition, so ANY feedback, input, or suggestions are massively appreciated.