Network and Bandwidth recommendations for stable Ignition

Hey all,

We’ve been trying to test and prepare to implement an Ignition project to replace our clients old system. A major hurdle in this though is their aging network infrastructure. This network is spread across several locations using old modems, serial connections/converters and some Ethernet connections almost all of it around 20/30 years old.

To get all of our sites connected to our central server we’ll need to use this aging infrastructure as fully replacing it is not practical.

Our current project spec should contain around 50 DNP3 device connections each wit around 100/200 tags, connecting to a server and then using browser based perspective sessions (clients request).

We tried a smaller demo system and had some issues with connectivity which we are working out. I’m in the process of logging and estimating this systems network load.

Is there a recommended bandwidth and network speed for Ignition to function effectively. We’ll probably go for some kind of ‘scale-up’ architecture to try and reduce network load.


Have you looked into using MQTT between the locations? It’s a lot more efficient in low bandwidth environments.

We’d looked into it, and use it on other projects. Unfortunately for this project DNP3 is a requirement set by our client.

Ignition edge at all remote locations (if your project can afford 50 of them) will enable dnp connection as well could act as remote tag providers with central Ignition server in addition it could also act as local HMI and connect with your existing infrastructure thru OPC or MODBUS or whatever possibility you have in your existing infrastructure.