Network Browser Server error

Getting two repeating errors:
‘Error running network browse job’ and ‘Error writing network browse response to socket’ in the system console.
I can’t seem to tie it to any specific issue, as things appear to be working.
logs.bin.gz (415 KB)

In some way this is related to your email to support. The “network browse” server runs over port 5500. Perhaps your firewall is blocking it.

This is only used to browse “remote” tag providers. In other words, when using external sqltags, and when trying to browse the opc servers of a different tag driver. Depending on what you choose in the drop down at the top of the opc browser, it might use it locally as well, but it’s not really supposed to.

If you’re not using external tags, or this doesn’t make sense, let me know and we can try to figure out more specifically why this is happening.


RESOLVED: Yes, it was simply the OPC browse set up on an SQL tag provider. I did not realize it was checked for that provider.