Network Cache Directory

I am trying to get Ignition to run on one of our terminal servers (Windows Server 2008) that our systems admin has locked down. The server also has profile\folder redirection enabled.

As reported by the Java Console, Ignition thinks that the user’s home directory is [quote]\ServerName\Desktops[/quote] I had our sys admin create a “.ignition” folder and a redirect.txt file in [quote]\ServerName\Desktops.ignition[/quote] The redirect.txt file doesn’t seem to allow a username wildcard to separate out the cache directories for each user on that terminal server.[quote]\ServerName\IgnitionCache%USERNAME%[/quote]So I have it redirecting the cache to a file server. My question is, can I safely use a single cache folder for all users of that terminal server? I tested and it seemed that it would create C* folders similar to[quote]C0, for User1, Project1
C1, for User2, Project1
C2, for User3, Project2
Etc.[/quote]If I closed Project1, for User1 and relaunched, it seemed to use the C0 cache again. I want to make sure that if I have 50 users potentially using the same project from the same cache directory that nothing will get messed up.

Hopefully at least some of that made sense…

Ignition 7.5.4 on Windows Server 2008
All clients run via Windows Server 2008 Terminal services.

We are facing the same case. Is it safe to use the same cache directory for all users?

I never heard anything back from the Ignition folks, but I have been running about 10 users this way with no problems. I found that I had to have at least a cache folder in \\ServerName\Desktops The redirect will not work without this folder existing.

Sharing a cache folder shouldn’t be a problem. As you noticed, each client instance will pick its own subfolder (named C[X]) inside of the cache folder. These get “locked” by each client by updating a timestamp, so there shouldn’t be any limit to how many can be created.

It was designed like this because even in a “normal” setup, users may launch more than one Ignition client application. I think it should scale up to 50 without any problem.