Network latency requirement

Hi gents, what would be the minimum network latency requirement to run the gateway network from central gateway to edge gateway? e.g. the ping time latency from central GW to edge GW.



I don’t think there is a specific requirement. Gateway to gateway, that is. (OPC, MQTT, GAN are all pretty tolerant.) Gateway to device falls down pretty quickly over a WAN–even 10ms is a problem for most PLC protocols.

Thanks Phil. Do you have a sample ping latency from one of your sites? e.g. 100ms or 200ms. I am very new to ignition so i am still learning :laughing: We have a few sites with variable bandwidth such as 4G, 10M or 100M links so would love to know a threshold so we can proactively manage the link bandwidth such as upgrade the links

Well, I’m not an end-user, just an integrator. So I don’t have any GW-GW wan links. (:
I just happen to be familiar with a bunch of protocols…

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