Network monitoring

I have a Ethernet/IP networks that is daisy chained from one control panel to the next through simple switches. There is 10 Cabinets total, with 6 simple switches. The network has 1 ControlLogix, 5 compactlogixs, 7 remote I/Os, 6 panelviews.

I am looking for a way, I can use ignition to monitor for communications faults or when a device cannot be reached. I am looking to get enough data so that I can convince the Plant Manager that I need to run everything to a managed switch.

Has anyone ever done anything like this?

I have thought about creating a bit that is energized all the time the PLC is in the run condition, and then somehow use this in Ignition to track network disconnects.

Instead of a “always-on” bit consider a “heartbeat” bit that turns on and off at a specified rate. Then set up a delayed alarm in ignition (really, two alarms, one for if it’s on too long, one for off too long)

I usually monitor a timer that is set to reset itself. You can then use an expression to compare the tags .lastchange property and the current time and trigger an alarm from there.