New Alarm Summary

So just a few questions on the new alarm summary object:

  1. Can I specify which columns are displayed and the widths? I can’t find anything on it like the old one used to have.

  2. What does the Path filter do? I thought it took a tag path and filtered that way, but I break it every time I try to use it. If I have several alarms under a folder like this: Site1/Place/ what would I put in the Path filter to make it work?

I have used the display path with good success, but would like to do it by folder if possible.


As for column widths and which are displayed: simply right click on the table’s header in preview mode to choose what’s displayed, and adjust them to their desired width.

For your second question, we’ll get back to you shortly.

Any response on the second question yet?

I am using the display path filter with something like folder/. Hope this helps.

That is what I was doing before and it would break. I’ll give it another go - anyway to have multiple folders listed?

Both the display path filter and source filter can be a comma separated list, so you should be able to specify any number of folders to display.


Awesome, I will probably switch over to the display path now since it is more resource friendly.

This is an old topic, but I want to have different source filters, how you do comma separate?, it gave me an error