New BUGS and again, and again, and again

I was updated today to 7.6.5 rc3 because i need to fix it very fast:

And take new bugs with templates! How to solve it?



And this problem with many templates

I tried replicating your issue with drawn shapes and use of the image component in templates, but everything was fine. Can you upload a project export including the template and window in question?

Below may be the issue you are having:

The layouts of components are displayed differently in Client and Designer.

In the designer components or templates that have a layout that is Relative will display in the designer as if their layout was anchored to the North and to the West. In the client these components and templates will be displayed using their relative layout.

This isn’t a bug, just how it works.

Try selecting your templates and/or components in the designer and changing their layout from relative to anchored to the North and West.

Also, templates have an “Enable Layout” property that may need to be checked.

Intresting this think: this is only 1 template and it shows differently on one window. This templates more then 10 on this window and each element has different views. This triangle can be on left side of template or in the top…

Trying to change Layout Constraints make some result. Now most of elements looks good, but some looks bad. Intresting, that on the another windows this template look good :confused:
P.S. Layout Constraints same - here is the video with this problem

The video gives a good visual representation of what the issue is, but it would really help pin the issue down if you could upload a project export that contains the window(s) and template(s) in question.


Sorry for long time.
This window and template from another project but with the same issue.

Hello? Need answer, help please.

Still waiting

Sorry for the delay in responding to your issue. I have been looking at this issue and trying to make sense of it. It seems like the issue occurs more frequently as you add more templates to the screen. I am creating a ticket here for the developers to look into this issue. Hopefully we will have an answer for you soon. I will update this thread when I have more information.

Just an update, I was able to reproduce the issue by rebuilding your template. The issue seems to be tied, possibly, to the angle property of the polygon. I will have more information after the developers take a look.

Serhii, when you created the template that shows this problem, did you create the triangle with the polygon tool or the line tool?

We’ve discovered the issue. Looks like James gave you the solution, but didn’t make it clear where the layout needs to be changed.

Open your PumpNoPercent template, and select the triangle. Notice the red arrows – these are directions where you have Anchored layout. You need to use Relative layout for the triangle to do what you want.

Now select the circle. Again, notice the red arrows. The circle also needs to have relative layout.

When you change the layout for both items in the template, the triangle starts to rotate like you would expect.