New chart for "digital" graphs

I need a chart to display digital graphs. Was a fan running or not? Valve open or closed?

The line graph looks ok sometimes, but has angled transition lines that look really bad. Is there a better way to do this?

Change the renderer of the dataset that has the digital value in it from the default renderer to the Step Renderer

Hope this helps,

The new Easy Charts in version 2.0 or later feature a “digital mode” on a per pen basis. Besides using the digital renderer, it will “space” the data out if you have many overlapping values. Suppose you have 6 pens that only have values of 0 or 1 (on or off), you will be able to read all of the values due to spacing.

We’re still looking for the best way (pen or axis level) of defining a mapping for those digital values. This will actually show “Running” or “Faulted”, for example, instead of 1 or 0.