New columns in sqlt_sc and sqlt_wq

in sqlt_sc there is execflags
in sqlt_wq there is propname and typeclass

What are these columns used for and what can/should they be set to if we are creating our own SQLTags?

I was just schooled by Colby on this, so here goes

The execfalgs define how a scan class should execute. For example:

                    0x1= one-shot
                    0x2= polled read or read data mode
                    0x3= both scan classes are selected

The propname refers to the tag property to write to (tag prop enum)
The data type, which is also the typeclass, is the type of value to write (DataTypeClass)
Int = 0, Float/Double = 1, Str = 2

I hope this helps, and I am sure that if I butchered it too much he will correct me. He also referred to this … _guide.pdf

I will be giving this a read, he also mentioned that he needs to update it as well.

Thanks Greg,

The reason I posted was because these fields are not in that document. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I figured as much. Thats why Colby said he needed to update that document.