New Dell PC with Windows XP, issues with JAVA

Now sure what caused it and it kind of still is happening so I thought I would post it here and see what answers I receive.

We recently purchased a new dell PC. On it is Windows XP pro. Our IT staff took the CD they made with JAVA on it and loaded Java then attempted to log into the server so they could put the short cut icon on the desktop for our application. When they went to put it on it claimed that the correct version of JAVA was not installed. When we clicked OK to install correct version it came back and said that we had to go into the system settings and use the add/remove programs and remove current version of JAVA. Which we did then we tried to rerun the project it said JAVA was not installed would you like to install it, clicked OK. It then went thru installed JAVA and ran the application. But somehow it still did not put the shortcut on the desktop. So we went in to run the application again and again it comes up with the incorrect version of JAVA error message. Click cancel and the application runs fine, click OK and it comes up with the JAVA already installed use add/remove programs. Once we finally got the shortcut on the desktop then all seems to be OK and the application runs fine, unless you try to run it using the server address for internet exporer. Any ideas?

I posted this in the wrong area should be under factory PMI not SQL. Sorry about that must have clicked on the wrong button.

When it is coming up with those messages that the correct version of Java isn’t installed - if you read the message carefully it says [quote]Java 5.0 is either not installed or not detectable. Press “OK” to install Java, or choose “Cancel” to continue launch.[/quote]

In your case, it sounds like it is the latter case, that is, it isn’t able to detect whether the correct version is installed or not. This is caused by various things, including Internet Explorer security settings, Norton, Windows Vista, etc.

There isn’t much we can do if the web browser isn’t letting us detect whether or not Java is installed, which is why we give you the cancel option to try and launch anyways…

Hope this helps,