New Feature: Add Custom States to Perspective Smart Symbols

Hello everyone, I’m happy to announce the release of the feature of creating and overriding symbols states for Perspective smart symbols. The feature should be available in the new nightlies.

The purpose of this feature is to allow users to create custom states for the existing Perspective smart symbols library to suit individual scenarios or environments. In addition, this feature also allows users to override our existing styles without having to go through the workflow of modifying theme files manually.

The settings can be accessed through the Designer through the Project Properties panel > Symbols category. The list is divided into top level states with each “out of the box” theme listed below. The top level state node will allow users to apply new states or overridden states to each symbol as needed. As a side note, the partiallyClosed state is a derived state from the open and closed state and is not listed in the tree below:

Here is a quick summary of each the settings and their meaning:

Primary Color:

The primary color of the symbol is the background color of the symbol.

Secondary Color:

The secondary color of the symbol is the alternative background color the symbol swaps between when enabled flashing is set to true.

Tertiary Color:

The tertiary color is the background color of any additional elements of the symbol. As of now, this will only affect the Vessel symbol’s liquid fill color.

Enable Flashing:

Enable flashing means the symbol to set an animation where the entire symbol flashes between the primary color and the secondary color.

Enable Animation:

Enable animation means the symbol will play any animations where any part of the symbol is set into motion.

Here are some examples (warning flashing colors below):


Just to close up, this feature will work similarly to style classes and will live update the designer and sessions on save. Give this feature a go, and feel free to post any feedback down below. Thanks!


hi @ayu,

That's a long waiting feature but it's the prove that IA is listening to the end user.

Good job and cannot wait to test it :slight_smile:


Is there a way to access these symbol states through for example scripting?

It could be nice to configure it here and use it in components...

Or would you recommend just using Perspective styles for that?

Hi @SamDonche,

Do you mean something like autofill/intellisense or just setting the components state? If it's the latter, yes you can drive the state through things like scripting, bindings, etc.

Yes, I mean the latter.
If for example I made my own SVG component and I would like to use the same symbol states.
How would you configure the SVG to use these?

Hi @SamDonche,

Ah okay, I see what you mean. In that case, then no. The states are only available to our HMI smart symbols.

Thank you for the reply!

Hi @SamDonche,

You will maybe have some interests on that one.

Any feedback is welcome.

Thank you!
I will take a look at your resource.