New Feature: Gateway Network Diagram

Hello everyone, I am happy to announce the new Gateway Network Diagram feature. This feature shows a visual representation of a gateway network as seen from your local gateway. The diagram is available as a new tab on the Gateway Network status page. You can drag gateways around on the graph, zoom and pan with a mouse, and take a screen capture that can be saved as a .png file.

Connection Properties

Clicking on a connection line between two gateways reveals some stats about the gateway network connection between the gateways:

Remote Gateway Properties

You can also click on a gateway to reveal some basic information about that gateway (version and edition will not be available for older versions):

Layout Mode

You can toggle the layout mode between the default dagre (top-down) mode and a circular mode (better for viewing large numbers of gateways connected to the local gateway):


Finally, you can filter the graph so that only one or more gateways are displayed on the graph:

If you have any ideas or feedback of what could make this feature more useful, post them below and I'll add them to our future enhancements ticket for the graph. Thanks!


Very useful, thank you!

This is awesome! I know of several places that I could use this right now. Love the fact that I can take a snapshot of diagram and save it. Are there any considerations for an export that would spit out the details on the nodes and connection properties in a csv or as some kind of report? Would be super handy for one click documentation as well as using that print out on a regular basis to check for any changes (authorized or otherwise).

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In case of redundant gateway, Can we have the state of each node of the redundant system ?

Yeah, gateway network export as JSON is definitely on our radar. The only thing we need for that is a means to display the exported JSON. It's planned as a future feature.


So...the graph look a bit different for redundant nodes, like so:

And a bit more info when you click on a gateway:

By "state" I assume you mean "Peer Connected" vs not connected? That's something that we can add to the graph in a future feature.

That's great.
Perhaps just a color on the redundant system node to see if the peer is connected and warm or cold.


Excellent! I figured you guys were already thinking ahead.

Looks very useful as both an overview and for documentation purposes, and looks really nice and clean too :slight_smile: The steady flow of new features make me super (nerdily) excited for what the product will look like in a few years' time. It's already light years ahead of everything else on the market, but it just keeps getting better which is what makes you guys and gals at IA really stand out :heart:


I hope if network diagram reach up to device level .

This looks really cool.

Something we have noticed in our gan is that forming gateway connections between gateways we want to communicate is straightforward enough. But then, a side affect is that gateways can now communicate via those specific gan connections to other gateways. It’s not generally a “bad” thing. But it would be nice to be able to control which gateways can communicate together within the gan.

I could see this visualization tool as a nifty way to select multiple gateways and either set them as allow or deny traffic between the gateways. With implicit trust/reject based on the selection.

Example, we have 100+ edge gateways that can all see each other in the gan, but there is no reason for those to be able to communicate together by default via the gan. It would be nice to disable even the mundane keep alive status messages between them. As it adds up with many gateways.


It will be nice if it can be easily transferred to a perspective view for monitoring.


This feature looks awesome

Any way for the connections to PLC and Databases be included as well?


This looks great. When is it scheduled for official release?

Ready to go with 8.1.25, available now!


Working Great! :rofl:

Seriously though, Is a nice feature! Our system is just a little extreme....


Wow :scream: that's a piece of artwork. Ignition, the new DeviantArt DreamUp?


Will this be available as a component usable in the designer?
I have a use case for displaying directed acyclic graphs in perspective and this looks like it would be perfect for that!


Is this a thing yet? (I see Kindling supports it now, but how do I export one?)