New Feature: Perspective Equipment Schedule

Hi @ayu

I have a problem showing the downtimes name(cause) in the scheduler.
As you know it is useless to show downtimes events without labels.
For example, it is nice to see downtime labels inside the area or show them as a tooltip when user hovers over it.

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Hi ayu
I want when the user clicks on order on the Equip Schedule it opens a popup to show more info about it but there is no onClickEvent for the component.
Is there any way to do it? or we miss this option?

Hey @nader.chinichian,

Currently there is no onClickEvent on the individual events themselves, but there is a feature ticket that is ready for development. It’s in the pipelines but I can’t guarantee when it will get down. I will let you know when it gets close to completion.

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Hi @ayu

AS in the following video showed my drag and drop events on top of each other to overlay doesn’t work. it seems the scheduler doesn’t allow it. I can’t find any property for this. Can you help me with what is preventing it?
Scheduler overlap

Hi @nader.chinichian,

Currently, we don’t allow users to create overlapping events through the UI (they can do so through the data property). This is not a property that we expose to the user. There is a request ticket opened currently to allow users to stack events instead of showing the overlapping UI, and we’ll take your feedback into consideration.


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Thanks @ayu
What about partially overlaying. There are case application, that requires only some part of event overlaying not all of them. Will this also possible?

Strangely, the 22nd of each month is displayed as the 21st!!!

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Hi @nader.chinichian,

What do you mean by partial overlaying, did you mean creating events that overlap/overlay on each other?

As for the second issue, I’ll file a bug ticket for that (probably some DST issue).

When I manually change the range of an event and let say it only overlap with another event for only 10%, they completely merge together. What I want is that only those 10% overlap and leave the component remain. Of course you are current method with drop box for showing overlap events doesn’t apply for this.

Right. Yes, currently, we have a ticket open for that. There’s some discussion to be had with how we want to approach that problem, but we will take your input into consideration. Thanks.

Hi @ayu

This is a great component with a lot of potential. I would like to use this in a agriculture use case, allowing the user to build an irrigation schedule and then have that scheduler sent out to a PLC. How you recommended going about this?

Hi @Justin_Byers,

Hmm. I may need some more information on what you have in mind. Would you mind sending me a private message and maybe we can bounce some ideas around? Thanks.

Hi @tyler.robertson,

The 15-minute zoom level should be available in the next nightly build.

amazing! thank you!

If I’m understanding correctly, this directly contradicts what the documents page show for the Equipment Schedule component (in the Overlapping Events example at the bottom). If we’re unable to do the example in the docs page, could someone remove that example?

Hi @DaveRNeal,

Yea, looks like the documentation is not correct. I’ll reach out to the team to have it updated. Thanks!

Is there a way to change the color, or even hide the internal grid?

Hi @wg1,

You should be able to with the use of theming. The class ia_equipmentScheduleComponent__gridSpace__gridCell should be a good starting point.

Is there a way to add another line of text beside the label?

As is nader.chinichian example he has a line of text where the progress bar is.

I make process bar transparent and change value to label to show it.

What I always ask from IA to add embedded view option like table for this component

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