New Feature: Perspective Equipment Schedule

Could anyone share an example dataset that they are using?


we plan to use this component to configure some “average week” where the date is no significant.
We create 7 items ,1 for each dayWeek.
with fontSize=0 for primaryHeaderStyle and secondaryHeaderStyle, we can hide date.

Can we change the date tooltips format displayed when we click on an scheduled event or disable it ?

Same question when we drag over a cell of the tertiaryHeader ?


Hi @mazeyrat,

Currently there isn’t a way to change the format of the date time string. However, if you want to hide or disable the tooltip, you can take advantage of theming (due note that the tooltip class is shared between the two examples). All in all, this sounds like something that we can potentially expose as new props if that’s something you had in mind. Thanks.

thanks !
new props to customize those tooltips would be fine !