New Feature: Perspective Piping

Thanks. What about tooltip and label for pipe?
In my case we have about 2000 segment pipe that define in database with unique id. After I draw pipe in perspective, I can simply bind script to the pipes root elements and get related data and put into the pipe properties structure base on the pipe id. Like color, width, type,…
And in that case I can use label as well for displaying information about my pipe. I can create additional property for pipe as label but there is no way for me to them. I like something like hovering mouse displaying tooltip or there is a property called label and that display parallel to the pipe.

Yep, labels are on our radar. No idea how it’ll be prioritized, but it is on our post 8.1.10 list.

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It seems the fill will only change when I choose it- I have it bound to param- and although on the side it shows up correctly, it does not change

Perspective does not recognize Java colors. You’ll need to convert that into RGB or hex.

For an example of that conversion (in scripting):

Thank you! That worked nicely.

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One note, potentially a bug, potentially a misunderstanding

Trying to click and drag to create a pipe on MacOS does not seem to be working.


  1. I am clicking prior to each mouse move, and it doesn’t seem to register the click with the piping utility until the “mouseUp” event
  2. I am using a freshly installed 8.1.10 Designer on an 8.1.10 gateway
  3. This is in a brand new view
  4. I have also tried this from the connection points on the smart symbols

Screen Recording 2021-09-10 at 11.33.34 AM

try to click and release to place the small ring, then click and drag the small arrow on one of the sides of the ring to drag the pipe


@helge.rosvik mentioned it, but yeah you need to click and release to create a “connection” (the small ring), then you click and drag the arrows around the connections to start drawing a segment. When you let go, that will create a new connection, and connect the two with a segment.

The anchors on components (which are not connections) were designed to have segments lead into them. You can’t create segments by dragging off of them, although segments will naturally snap to their position: they’re more or less just guides.

But yeah, all segments start with a connection, so create the connection on top of the anchor first, then drag from the arrows.


I’d like to report that we see performance issues when I replace my old SVG pipeline drawing with the new perspective pipeline for large screens. For scrolling or zooming in runtime I see a lot of pauses and lag but I don’t see that problem with SVGs.
I import SVG as Embedded image into view so I can dynamic color lines base on tags.

Example of the page with pipelines:


Hi Nader, would you mind exporting your view and sending it to me for analysis?

This is an awesome feature

Is there a possibility that this tool could be expanded to include conveyor belts? Essentially a really thick pipe

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Extending this, how plausible would providing SVGs to snake along a path be? E.g. Providing the end cap and middles of a conveyor as SVGs, then the piping tool would use the end cap SVG as the caps, and the middle SVG to fill the path lengths

I mean (almost) anything is possible, it’s just a matter of whether there’s demand to dedicate engineering resources to it. I think the next big effort will be built in SVG drawing capabilities, which is a mountain of an effort in itself to incorporate into our props model, make it performant, and intuitive to manipulate.


Don’t let me distract from that! I know there is a lot of demand for drawing tools

I haven’t actually installed 8.1.10 yet to try these out yet, but are we able to add anchor points to our own SVGs?
I.e. these orange points

Not at this time, but that is a good suggestion. I’ll add it to our list.

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