New Feature: UDT Hierarchy Tool

For those of you who leverage UDTs, we have a new feature that will start appearing in our nightly builds on 10/22/2022 and will be part of 8.1.23 that we are call the UDT Hierarchy Tool. The goal of this tool is to help visualize the relationships between interconnected UDT definitions and instances by showing the following:

  1. Inheritance between UDT definitions
  2. Overrides of inherited properties
  3. Instances that are directly related to the definition

The tool is accessed by right clicking on a UDT Definition or UDT Instance and selecting the View UDT Hierarchy. Doing this will open a new dialog window that looks like the following:

On the left side of the panel, you can see the related definitions to visually understand how UDTs interconnect if they are related. If you expand the Instances of ... folders, you will see UDT instances that directly inherit the definition as a parent. Note that nested UDT Instances are not yet visible in this list.

On the right side of the panel, you are able to see information about member tags and overridden properties for the selected UDT Definition or UDT Instance.

If you need additional filtering for instances, right clicking on the Instances of ... heading will allow you to open the Tag Report Tool with the search pre-populated for that specific set of UDT instances. This can allow you to filter for items with specific overrides or other insights you may be after.

We hope this tool will benefit you. As always, we welcome any feedback you may have!