New for 8.0.11: Signature Pad Component

Check out the Signature Pad component, brand new for 8.0.11. It will be available in the next nightly.

This component is useful for collecting signatures as the Base64 encoded PNG string returned by the onSignatureSubmitted Component Event, which can be piped directly to an Image component’s source prop for direct display within Perspective.

Customizeability was another aspect of focus as the ActionBar, Submit and Clear Buttons may be styled separately from the base component. The button text is customizeable as well.

And if you don’t like the ActionBar’s controls, you may decide to implement your own using the useful clearSignature() and submitSignature() component scripting functions.

Here is a sample project to see for yourselves :slight_smile: (32.8 KB)


Would love if you could securely add signature and initial samples to user properties which could be compared against (with a little image recognition/AI) to verify users’ identities via signature.

Any plans to make a similar vision component?

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Another cool thing would be the ability to securely insert a signature or initial that is in each user’s user properties into say a report, maybe after verifying their identity with user credentials.

Any plans to make a similar vision component?

Not that I’m aware of, nor do I see a ticket for it. Vision is not my area of expertise, but I assume that if there was sufficient demand it would be considered.

No, but you can use the ‘Drawable Canvas’ from the exchange for pretty much the same functionality:

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Hi Perkins
Is it possible to use it for user authentication with their signature?
I mean do we have a function to check two png image and return true if they match in the pattern?

No, and no plans to provide any either. You can post it on, but that sounds like an inherently insecure/impossible to ‘prove’ correct authentication method.