New for 8.0.8: Coordinate Container Alignment Tools


Soon Children of Coordinate Containers will have alignment tools: Left, Right, Top, Bottom, Centers Horizontally, Centers Vertically, Row, Row and Normalize, Stack, Stack and Normalize, Horizontally Align within Parent, and Vertically Align within Parent.

Alignments will take into account Component Rotation when aligning the edges, however normalization will use the “pre-rotated” values for width and height. This is due to resizing not being well defined for rotated components(the angle of rotation determines the ratio of width and height).

There are also new buttons for Zooming: In, Out, and 100%.

Finally the Preview button will now toggle between Play and Pause Icons. When toggled to preview mode the zoom will be set to 100%, and zooming in/out will be disabled. When toggled back to design mode, zoom will be set to the previous value.


Finally, That’s great. will it be in final release of 8.0.8?

Barring any unforeseen circumstances, yes.

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what about mirroring tools?

Mirroring is in our backlog, however we there are numerous higher priority features, polish, and bug fixes. Component rotation in particular has quite a few regressions that I expect to be solved before we work on a new transform (mirroring).

This is great.

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