New Forum "Like" Icon

We may have moved from a heart to a thumbs-up, but I'm still quite fond of this forum...


(if you're confused like I was then force a browser refresh)


I was under the impression that a "thumbs up" gesture is highly offensive in various parts of the world. Any particular reason for this change?

I don't think we made it, I think Discourse did.

Hmm, looks like it might be configurable, but it's still set to "heart"...

Sounds like a bug to report to Discourse. Perhaps at a high urgency level. IA has a world-wide audience.


Meh, already seems to be back to hearts after a refresh.

edit: looks like @PGriffith might have made that happen


Well. That was short-lived.

This is in the same category as the fact that only four user accounts have the First Reaction badge since the forum is configured to not allow reactions on the first post. Except apparently for one day where it was turned on for a while and a few people did it before it was turned back off. :slight_smile:


I was confused for a moment because I thought "like" counted as a reaction, but I guess it doesn't. I guess it only counts for the other ones enabled by the plugin which we don't have here.