New forum section for FactoryPMI Reporting Plugin

I’ve been playing with the FactoryPMI Reporting Plugin in my office - it’s very cool! Would it be possible to set up a forum topic for it?


Sounds good to me. I’ll look into it.

It is used to create reports in FactoryPMI. It is equivelent to the Reporting Module in Ignition.

FactoryPMI is not used in new projects because it is legacy software. Ignition replaced FactoryPMI.

clark, as nmudge noted, FactoryPMI has been replaced by Ignition, which you can download here:
The Reporting plugin has evolved into the Reporting Module. You can find a great overview of its functionality here

I think Nick may have jumped the gun. This topic was started in 2006… :wink:

Jordan, good point! :smiley: